OES Co., Ltd. is now uniquely positioned and evaluated by our catalytic ammonia eliminating technology in Chemical and Electronics Industries.

OES Propose Safety, Energy-Saving Process for Aqueous or Gaseous Ammonia Elimination and Exhaust.

  • OES Systems cut-off processing cost in decreasing Energy Consumptions.
    Conventional Ammonia eliminative method, such as aqueous neutralization by acid, produce by-products of Ammonium salt.
    Instead of this, OES Systems never produce by-product at all.
  • Epoch-making catalytic power converts Ammonia into harmless N2 and H2O.
    Most catalytic oxidation systems of Ammonia produce Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) for some extent.
    Instead of this, our system is not produce NOX so, capable of protecting atmospheric environment of the earth.
    (Legal Protection of Environment inhibited exhaust of N-containing waste water very strictly.)


Developed New Catalyst of high efficiency.
Developed energy saving exhaust New Gas Cleaner.



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